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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– OCA Podcast Patreon
– Anime Collector Patreon

– Tokyo 2021 Olympics Competitors Imitate One Piece Poses
– Mayor of Nagoya in hot water for biting local athlete’s gold medal
– Japan’s daruma dolls seem to be causing problems for horses at the Tokyo Olympics

– Present Mic Voice Actor Hiroyuki Yoshino Contracts COVID-19

– Crunchyroll Now Joining Funimation Global Group
– Digimon Tamers Fights Cancel Culture
   ∟Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary Stage Show Features ‘Cancel Culture’ Villain
     ∟PolitiFact Example
     ∟Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

Convention news:

– Anime NYC 2021 Will Require Masks & Proof of Vaccination

Live-Action Anime news:

– Hollywood Live-Action Akira “Fell Apart;” Director Taika Waititi Cast in The Suicide Squad

Streaming news:

– KADOKAWA Announces Speedy, Direct SimulPub Releases of Manga
– Crunchyroll Adds Haikyu!! OADs and Food Wars! OVAs To Catalog
– Netflix’s Monster Hunter CG Movie Reveals Japanese Cast Members
– Masters of the Universe: Revelation Drops From Netflix’s Top 10
– JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Breaks Out 1st Teaser Trailer, Visual, Worldwide Release
   ∟JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Rocks the Prison
– JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Character Designer Turns Miley Cyrus Into Anime Girl
– New High Guardian Spice Trailer Once Again Lambasted, Crunchyroll Hiding Replies
– Crunchyroll Reaches 5 Million Subscribers, Announces New Project

Theater Release news:

– Transformers: The Movie Heads Back to U.S. Theaters This September

Series news:

– Creatures of the Night Hang Out in The Vampire dies in no time. TV Anime Key Visual
– 1st Visual of Ghost in the Shell: SAC Director’s Newest Feature-Length Anime Released
– TNSK’s Rakugo Manga ‘Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai’ Gets Anime
– Case Closed: Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story Spin-Off Manga Gets TV Anime
– Social Media Clamor Over Hero Academia’s Mineta “Allegedly” Being Bisexual
– GoHands Sues King Records for Unpaid Production Costs on Cancelled Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime
– Higurashi Anime Production Committee Swing Their Axe Down on Those Leaking Spoilers
– Back to the Future Gets Light Novel Adaptation in Japan
   ∟Back to the Future Manga by One-Punch Man Artist Yuusuke Murata Cancelled
– Berserk Chapter 364 Launches September 10; Includes Messages to Kentarou Miura Booklet
– Players Distance Themselves From Pokemon Go
– TWEWY Neo Translation Worse Than Feared, Full of Slang & Memes
– Female Game Characters Redesigned With “Realistic Bodies” an Absolute Horror Show

Release news:

– ODDTAXI Anime Blu-ray Box Has Received 1,000 Orders
– Discotek Announces Gunbuster OVA, Cutie Honey: The Live! Releases and More
– Right Stuf
– Saving Hideaki Anno’s legendary DAICON III isn’t going as planned
– 1986’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Being Painstakingly Restored, Now In 4K

Random Merch news:

– Cute Plushie Hamtaro x Godzilla Dispenses Hugs and Tissues
– Pokémon’s impossible-to-buy-bike now exists in real life, still can’t be bought, must be won
– Dead or Alive Xtreme Life-Sized Marie Rose Mouse Pad Completely Drenched
– Masturbatory aid rocket launches in Japan

Misc news:

– Man Arrested For Recording Sex Workers Through Glasses Camera
– Chongqing Officials Refuse Women-Only Train Cars “They Discriminate Against Men”
– Famous manga artist gives out advice on how to draw breasts to celebrate Boob Day

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