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– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
– OCA Podcast Patreon
– Anime Collector Patreon

– Tokyo 2021 Olympics Participants Paying Tribute to Anime
– Georgian Paralympic judo athlete arrested for attacking a security guard in a Tokyo hotel
– Japanese mayor who bit softball athlete’s gold medal to forfeit three months’ pay

– What it’s like to apply for and receive a vaccine passport in Japan for travel abroad
– Young people in Tokyo to be offered points and discounts if they get vaccinated

– American Anime Producer Fred Ladd Passes Away at 94
– Fist of The North Star Character Designer And Animator Masami Suda Passes Away

– Digimon Tamers Writer Apologizes for Causing “Fan Divide” With Script

– Anime Industry Reports First Loss in 10 Years

Live-Action Anime news:

– Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Live-Action TV Drama Returns for 3 More Episodes
– Idris Elba Will Voice Knuckles in Second Sonic the Hedgehog Film
– Actress Chloe Bennet Leaves Live-Action Powerpuff Girls
– Netflix One Piece Character Races Exposed, Some Characters “Open to Any Ethnicity”

Streaming news:

 Prince of Tennis coming to Funimation
 Sony Finalizes Crunchyroll Acquisition

Theater Release news:

– Slam Dunk Teases More Three-Pointers in 2022 in 1st Anime Film Teaser
– Super Mario Bros. animated movie seemingly going deep in Nintendo lore with return of classic foe
– My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Jumps 200% Higher in Box Office Over Heroes: Rising
   ∟Japan Box Office: My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Makes Its 2nd Place Debut
   ∟My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Attracts 1 Million Viewers in Just 1 Week
– Tattoos, murder, and a Totoro connection? Studio Ghibli reveals secrets of Princess Mononoke

Series news:

– Hideaki Anno Discusses Continuing Evangelion
– Evangelion Gets an Upgrade for Its Third Shinkalion Crossover
– Komi-San Can’t Communicate Anime Lines Up October 6th Premiere With New Key Visual, Trailer
– ARIA The BENEDIZIONE Reveals Premiere Date, New Promo, and More
– Anohana 10th Anniversary Event to Feature Sequel Story Set 10 Years After the Anime
– Tomihiko Morimi’s Tatami Time Machine Blues Novel Gets Anime Adaptation by Science SARU
– Ganbare Doukichan Twitter Manga Gets Web Anime Adaptation
– Blue Lock TV Anime Adaptation Kicks Off With Teaser Trailer Revealing 2022 Premiere
– Rusted Armors -Dawn- TV Anime Announces Its January 2022 Premiere
– The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt TV Anime Premieres January 2022
– Vinland Saga TV Anime Director Says S2 Will Have ‘Enough … Episodes’ For Right Amount of Story
– Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou “Big Brudder” Translation Reverted
– Heavy Object Light Novel Series Listed as Ending in October
– Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei × CLANNAD
– Kirby News Site Features Franz Kafka Literature
– Azur Lane’s China Edition Censors More Mesmerizing Bunny Girl Attire
– Dead Space Remake Removing Content to “Stay Relevant to Modern Audiences”
– Korean Animator Mocks Political Correctness of Western Developers

Release news:

 Gantz is getting a blu-ray in Spain
– SHIROBAKO The Movie Heads to Home Video on October 26
– GKIDS Films Launches Countdown For Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Ultimate Edition Pre-Order
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

– 5 Australians Arrested For Returning to Game Store Where They Allegedly Stole Digimon Cards

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