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OCA Podcast – 196: I’m Waiting So Long

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– Vic Mignogna Court Case
   ∟Johnny Depp WINS Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Heard, Jury Finds Aquaman Actress Acted “With Actual Malice”
      The legal system failed her
      Where was he named in the article he sued over
      This trial was bad for survivors
      #MeToo died by literally shitting the bed
         If the bitch does a shit you can’t acquit
      The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial was the female Holocaust
      Amber Turd NFTs


Persona character designer draws a tribute for Billy Kametz

Caitlin Glass seemingly promoted this Tweet for some reason

Japanese town recovers 43 million yen in COVID money mistakenly sent to one man who gambled it away

Miyazaki City mistakenly sends over 2M yen in meat to 140 people, instructs them to eat it anyway

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Pilot Film Project of Sci-Fi Ninja Movie – NINJA VERSE
Anime [Crossroad × Chronicle] produce クロスロード×クロニクル制作 8

Live-Action Anime news:

Variety: New Speed Racer Live-Action TV Show in Development for Apple
McKinley Belcher III started filming
   Netflix Live-Action One Piece cast list
      ∟New cast members
      ∟Lindsay Reardon has been cast as Major Boodle
      ∟Amber Hossack has been cast as Moodie (Fullbody’s girlfriend)
Horizon Netflix Show, God of War Amazon Series, Gran Turismo Show Coming
   ∟Gran Turismo Live-Action Feature Film In Planning Stages

Streaming news:

Star Wars Visions Animated Anthology Continues In 2023
Sentai Filmworks Announces Exclusive Summer 2022 Simulcasts
BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- Anime Unleashes Main Visual

Theater Release news:

GKIDS Sets Masaaki Yuasa’s INU-OH Anime Film for August 12 in U.S. Theaters

Series news:

Clifford Chapin still covering for Aaron Dismuke in Kaguya-sama: Love is War
   Aaron Dismuke throat condition update
Steven Jay Blum virtue signals during Pride Month
CloverWorks, WIT Studio, Shueisha and Aniplex Form JOEN Creative Company
KONOSUBA Anime Rejoices with Season 3 Confirmation, New Visual Reveal
   ∟KonoSuba’s Explosion Enthusiast Megumin Debuting in New Spinoff Anime
Me & Roboco TV Anime Adaptation Officially Announced
High School Girls Rock Out in Mixed-media Project Girls’ Fist!!!! New MV “Sayonara My Loneliness”
Date A Live Season 4 China Airing Exhibiting Questionable Quality
Reba Buhr celebrates getting a raise from Funimation/Crunchyroll
Funimation/Crunchyroll casts half as many actors outside Texas
   Crunchyroll’s Move Back to In-Person Dub Recording Sparks Union Discussion
      Sean Chiplock is dissatisfied with LA voice acting work
      Kaiji Von Tang laments the loss of wide range outside casting
      Kara Edwards defends her corporate overlords
   ∟How Anime Dubs Were Made During COVID
Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Manga Ends in Next Chapter
Hunter × Hunter fan brings the series back by shear force of will
   ∟Manga fan has been throwing 1,000 karate punches a day waiting for Hunter x Hunter restart
Azur Lane’s Indomitable Dominated in China With Censorship
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl To Remove Unintentional Reference To My Life As A Teenage Robot Adult Parody Animation
   ∟Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Removes Line “Quoting” Erotic Zone Parody
Activision Blizzard And King Develop New Tool To Measure Character Diversity In Video Games
   ∟Activision Blizzard Clarifies Recently Revealed Diversity Tool “Is Not Being Used In Active Game Development” Following Backlash
Researcher says her avatar was raped in the metaverse – it points to bigger safety issue in virtual space

Release news:

J-Novel Club Announces 10 Light Novel, Manga Titles at Anime Boston
Discotek Announces Planet With, Virtua Fighter and More Upcoming Releases
   The whole Twitter thread
      Why work on the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan TV Special blu-ray took so long
Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis CG Anime Film Hits Blu-ray on July 5
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:
This tatami mat platform with built-in vibration speakers promises the ultimate sound experience
Golgo 13 Takes Aim at Hunger in Hard-Boiled Weiner Yakisoba Web CM
Hin from Howl’s Moving Castle now comes as amazingly detailed life-sized figure
Bo-chan Tissue Box Plush from Crayon Shin-chan Keeps Runny Noses at Bay
Japanese startup to use NFTs to simplify the music copyright system
Make womb for breakfast! ‘UTERUS-shaped’ cereal aims to normalise conversations about periods at the breakfast table
   Stigma around periods is prompting boys to mock girls, claiming they can ‘smell the blood’, reveal experts as they call for both sexes to be taught about the subject

Misc news:

Security guard arrested in Shizuoka for abandoning 13 liters of urine at pachinko parlor
NHK can now pester you through your mail thanks to new service from Japan Post
Japanese man spends $15,700 on dog costume to fulfill lifelong dream of transforming into an animal
   Man spends over $15K to play Rough Collie dress-up, disprove existence of a loving god
China Man Arrested for Gifting Small Mirror Containing Hidden Camera
Japanese political parties agree on outline of bill to protect porn victims
   ∟Japanese Redditors’ opinions on the matter
Mandarake CEO Prosecuted for Selling Illegal Uncensored Adult Magazines
CDP Proposes to Ban Real Sex From AV “Because You Don’t Actually Kill in TV Murders”
Japan to approve abortion pill – but partner’s consent will be required

Watch Club:

OCA Podcast – 44: Alcoholic Sugar Rush

Topics of discussion

Opening discussions:

– Answer #OCAPodcast questions
Media Do Acquires MyAnimeList Website
The Man Who Brought Anime To America: Sony Pictures Television’s Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga
Woman Calls Dragon Ball A Sexist Show – Bulma Voice Actor Monica Roasts Her With Facts!
   Pam is back
MIRAI Director Hosoda Says, “Just So Surprised.” for Oscar Nomination
Akira Toriyama and Naoki Urasawa Nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame
Rumiko Takahashi Wins Big at Angoulême with Grand Prix 2019 Prize

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Bless The Demon Puppets

Dear Backers,

We here at Rayark thank you for your firm support and for sticking with us throughout this lengthy process. The IZD animated movie was unable to be completed by 2018. We sincerely apologize to our backers and have compiled a Collector's Edition Package, including the complete shooting script, production art, and an IZD hoodie and T-shirt designed around the battle suit. A digital rewards package containing the Implosion game OST, Implosion: Obelisk comic books (Currently completed issues) and Collector Edition Wallpaper, will accompany these packages. Please refer to the detailed rewards list at the end of this announcement to see eligibility requirements based on backer level. All deliveries will take place in March 2019.

We know that waiting longer than expected for our production is hard on our backers, and to show our gratitude, we would like to offer optional refunds to any backers who wish to opt-out at this time. Any backers who choose this option will still receive all of the Collector's Edition rewards they are eligible for, based on their tier. For example, all backers of “Warmech II Pilot” and above will be eligible for a complete Collector's Edition Package in March 2019, regardless of requesting a refund or not, whereas lower tiers will receive their assigned items as shown in the attached rewards list.

Rayark wishes to release only the highest quality products to our fans, and we believe our games and products speak to this, loudly. It is with great determination we face the demands of creating a feature animated film, and the process of mixing technologies to deliver a world-class movie has taken far longer than anticipated. We will not give up and will continue on until we have attained the final quality our fans expect from us. This may take some time but as a community of artists, producers, game-designers and movie-fans ourselves, we will stick together and push on until we have created something we are proud to show you. As of this moment, despite our amazing settings, production animation and overall designs, we have not reached our Rayark quality standard and will continue to revise all elements in IZD until it is worthy of you and the world stage.

We will notify all our backers (regardless of pledge level) via email about the details of the first-wave Collector's Edition rewards and the optional refund information. First-wave rewards schedule is as follows:

January 2019: Email backers to inform them about the first wave of pledge merchandise and the details of the optional refund.

February 2019: Collect shipping information from backers and organize refunds for those who request them. (We will still send you the first wave of pledge merchandise even if you request a refund.)

March 2019: Ship the first wave of merchandise, provide the virtual rewards for download, process refunds.

After the movie is complete: Ship the complete list of pledge rewards to backers who have continued to support us.

If you have any questions about the explanation above, please contact us via We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all backers for the patience and support. 

Convention news:

Suspect Arrested After Anime LA Arson Leaves Seven Vehicles Scorched
Crunchyroll Expo to Host Horror Manga Artist Junji Ito
Organizers Say Comiket is No Place for Hate Speech After Anti-Korean, Chinese Stickers Were Discovered at Doujin Booth
“Abuser” List Spread Through Anime Cons
   Justin Sevakis’ Tweet

Live-Action Anime news:

More Live Action Pokemon Movies Rumored
Netflix Producing Resident Evil TV Series
Sailor Moon Fan Film Vanquishes Evil
Japanese version of 24 in production, set to air in 2020

Streaming news:

Sword Art Online: Alicization Premieres on Toonami on February 9
STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, There’s Godzilla on VRV!
Netflix: “Fortnite Is More Formidable Competition Than HBO”
Netflix Raises Subscription Prices in the U.S., 40 Latin American Countries

Theater Release news:

Psycho-Pass SS Anime Film Trilogy to Have 4D Screenings
Theater Chain Lists Konosuba Film With July 12 Opening
Code Geass Sequel Film’s Advance Ticket Bundles DVD of Film’s Opening Scenes
Battle Angel Alita Living Board Game Experience
1st Made in Abyss Compilation Anime Film Gets U.S. Premiere on March 15
2nd Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel Film Opens in U.S. on March 14
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Film Earns Estimated US$7 Million on U.S. Opening Day
   Dragon Ball Super: Broly Film Ranks #4 at U.S. Weekend Box Office With US$9.8 Million
   ∟Box Office Mojo

Series news:

Bean Bandit Episode 0 Anime Project Reveals Cast, More Staff
Lupin III Gets New Film in Winter 2019
High School Girls’ Dialogueless Manga Joshi Kausei Gets TV Anime in April 2019
Kemonomichi Manga by Konosuba’s Akatsuki Gets Anime
DEVILMAN crybaby Voice Actor Drops the Beat with B-Rappers Street
Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Band Bassist Kei Passes Away
MY FIRST STORY Performs OP Theme for Kengan Ashura Anime
Boogiepop and Others Anime Gets 2-Hour Special for 6th Novel’s Story
Just Because! Official English Cast Reveal
Pop Team Epic Manga Publishes ‘Final Chapter’
   Pop Team Epic Manga Launches ‘Season 4’ With Boys-Love Manga Artist Harada
School-Live! Manga Ends in 12th Volume
Sound! Euphonium Author’s New Novel is About High School Canoeing Team
City Hunter Film Novelization Is on the Way
“Ready to Play the Anime? Watch the New Trailer for STEINS;GATE ELITE, a Fully Animated and Remastered Version of STEINS;GATE!
Artist Imagines Persona 5 as Game Boy Advance Game and We NEED It
Stan Lee Immortalized As World of WarCraft NPC
Valve Bans & Delays More Anime Games With No Explanation
Original Bowsette Creator Awarded A Trophy
Japanese Government To Investigate “Gaming Disorder”
Bandai Namco Establishes Company for Pachinko, Similar Game Entertainment
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert Tour Gets New Run in 7 U.S., Canadian Cities

Release news:

Seven Seas Entertainment Survey
Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kokkoku Anime, Plans English Dub
A Silent Voice
Media Blasters Relicenses Phoenix Anime for HD BD/DVD Release
   Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix Manga Gets Sequel in Novel Form in April
Sci-Fi Puppets Come Home as Discotek Media Licenses X-Bomber
Cat Ear Headphones Designer Upset That Ariana Grande is Getting Credit For Her Work
– Right Stuf

Random Merch news:

This giant Final Fantasy Moogle bed could be yours, and doesn’t cost a single yen
Man Arrested for Selling Modified Love Live! Character Figure
Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department Store Holds Exhibit for ‘Nostalgic’ Anime
Stylish Pokémon Shirts Let You Catch ’em All During Your Daily Grind
Tokyo’s new “real-life Mario Karts” make it ridiculously clear they’re unrelated to Nintendo
Can you see the perfect anime cosplay hidden in this H&M ad?
There’s a Kingdom Hearts hotel room with a functioning Keyblade coming to Tokyo Disneyland
Prior owners of Keiunkan ryokan, the world’s oldest hotel, liquidate company
Two Men Accused of Fraud Related to Odaiba Gundam

Misc news:

Japanese Internet confused and intrigued by sudden influx of “choking Sasuke memes”
   ∟Sasuke Getting Choked is the First Good Meme of 2019!
Awesome snowboarding cosplayer hits the slopes as Mobile Snowboarder Gundam
China Quality Window Kills Hong Kong Tourist
China TV Censoring Lobes Of Male Stars Who Have Earrings
China App Detects Nearby Debtors, Encourages Snitching
Japanese Suicides Declined In 2018: “Only 20,598 People Killed Themselves!”
7-Eleven Japan wants to stop selling adult magazines
   FamilyMart Joins 7-Eleven, Lawson in Dropping Adult Magazine Sales
Nissin On “Whitewashing” Ad: “We’ll Pay More Attention to Diversity”
   Nissin Pulls Cup Noodle/Prince of Tennis Ads After White-Washing Controversy
   ∟Cup Noodle maker apologizes for pale-skinned depiction of Naomi Osaka in anime ad
   ∟The ad curtousy of OhTaKuSo
Japan’s public broadcaster films science experiment at most famous porn location
Sword Art Online Author Reki Kawahara Says Female Characters Should Not Be Treated as Trophies
   ∟SAO Creator: “Western Political Correctness Makes Me Add More Strong Female Heroines”
TPP Comes Into Effect in Japan, Breaches Charged Without Initiation From Rights Holder

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