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Opening discussions:

– Answer #OCAPodcast questions

Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition
The Good Life

Convention news:

Show off Your Stand at “JoJo” Escape Room in California!

Live-Action Anime news:

Live-Action “Mob Psycho 100” Series Hits Netflix in the U.S. on May 22

Streaming news:

“Glass Mask 1984” is Coming to HIDIVE’s Streaming Anime Lineup

Theater Release news:

GKIDS and Fathom Events Set Off “Fireworks” Anime Film in July (7/3/18)
Spielberg Talks About His Meeting with Miyazaki at “Ready Player One” Talk Event
“Detective Conan” Continues to Dominate Japan’s Box Office, Beating “Ready Player One”
   ∟Japan Box Office: “Detective Conan” Sells More Tickets than “Avengers: Infinity War”
“Avengers: Infinity War” Promo Turns Thanos Fight into JRPG Battle

Series news:

Kenichi Sonoda’s ‘Project [B.B]’ Anime Confirmed as ‘Project Bean Bandit’
“Yu Yu Hakusho” 25th Anniversary Special Anime Reveals Key Visual, Episode Titles
Anime vs. Real Life: Amanchu! ~Advance~ Real Life Locations
You Don’t Have to Be Psychic to Find HINAMATSURI’s Real-World Locations
“Higurashi – When They Cry” Crashes the Set of “Last Period” TV Anime
“Back Street Girls” Anime Updates With New Information and Visual
Honda’s Essay Manga “Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda San” Gets TV Anime This Fall
Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Resumes in June
Maid-sama! Manga Series Gets New Volume in August
Kiyohiko Azuma’s “Yotsuba&!” Manga Has 16.7 Million Copies in Print Worldwide
Gainax’s “Princess Maker 5” is Coming to Steam This Month
Karuta Meets King’s Game in “Cobra Party” Card Game

Release news:

Discotek Rolls Out New and Rescued Anime Licenses This Summer
Aura Battler Dunbine pre-order
Unnecessary Cowboy Bebop money grab

Random Merch news:

Discotek put the ad for the Fist of the North Star body wash on their YouTube
3D Data for “Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou” Heroine Ayaka’s Life-Size Figure Revealed
New Pokémon Rival Figure… What Was His Name Again?
Come to the Velvet Room with “Persona5” Caroline & Justine Figures
“Love Live! Sunshine!!” You Gets New Figure Inspired by Blu-ray Jacket Illustration
New Naruto and Luffy Figures Are Too Cool for Words
Toy’sworks Previews “Made in Abyss” Nanachi Figure for July 2018 Release
Classic Macross Comes to Life in 1/20 Scale Valkyrie Figure
“Eureka Seven” Kicks off Hi-Evolution Gear with New Sneakers
Takashi Murakami Is Launching His UNIQLO x Doraemon Collaboration In New York City!
“Magia Record” Girls Take the Spotlight with “Madoka Magica” Perfumes
“Ohenro” Collabs with Coca-Cola for Limited-Edition Bottle
J-WORLD TOKYO Welcomes Hakyu Hoshin Engi to the Table
Tokyo Disney Is Selling Snow White Tea Sets and We Want One
Wake up the Little Grey Cells with “Detective Conan” Coffee
Pour One Out for Latest “Touken Ranbu” Sake Collaboration
Show Your Shoujo Style with “Marmalade Boy” and “Sugar Sugar Rune” Gear
Flaunt Your Magical Style with New “Cardcaptor Sakura” Accessories

Misc news:

Jaeger and Mazinger Z Team Up in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” New Collaboration Art
Enjoy Nature’s Small Wonders at the Hakumei & Mikochi Botanical Garden Tour
Anime Industry Report Shows Continued Growth in Overseas Market
“Golden Kamuy” and Junji Ito Manga Among Eisner Award Nominees
Hasbro Acquires Entire Power Rangers Property From Saban
“Ghibli Park” On Track to Open in Aichi in 2022
Voices of Sailor Moon and Amuro Ray Read the Japanese Constitution on Niconico
Amazon is raising the price of Prime to $119
French Museum Discovers More Than Half Its Collection Is Fake
California Court Further Confirms Tsuburaya’s International Ultraman Rights

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