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Kickstarter/Crowd Funding news:

Implosion: ZERO_Day still not done
Blossom Detective Holmes: The Animated Mini-Series Project
Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers
Golden Sky Stories: Twilight Tales

Convention news:

AnimeJapan 2018 Reveals This Year’s Limited Goods
“Sailor Moon SuperS Moonlight Masquerade” Planned for Anime Boston

Live-Action Anime news:

Alita: Battle Angel Film Pushed Back to December 21
“Detective Pikachu” Movie Adds Singer-Actress Rita Ora to the Cast
Live-Action “Sword Art Online” Series Aims for Netflix with Asian Leads
Main Visual for “My Brother’s Husband” Live-Action TV Drama Revealed
48-Year-Old Jiro Sato Tries on Kagura Costume for The Next “Gintama” Live-Action Film
Flying Action-Packed “Inuyashiki” Live-Action Film Full Trailer Posted
Live-Action “Bleach” Clip Pits Ichigo Against His First Hollow
Live-Action “Sonic the Hedgehog” Movie Set for November 15, 2019
“Cat and Grandpa” Manga Gets Live-Action Film Adaptation
Psychological Horror Film “Misumisou” Reveals New Movie Poster
Specters Prepare to Bust Some Heads in “Ghost Squad” Movie
Voice Actress Yurika Kubo Makes Her Big Screen Debut in “Cat Cafe”

Streaming news:

Crunchyroll Manga to No Longer Offer Catalog Chapters of Kodansha Titles
Crunchyroll Adds “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Prologue” and the Second Anime Film

Theater Release news:

Fathom Events Announces Schedule for “Studio Ghibli Fest 2018”
GKIDS Acquires Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai of the Future Film for U.S.
Shout! Studios And Funimation Films Bring “Big Fish & Begonia” To Cinemas

Series news:

Princess Tutu Celebrates 15 Years of Musical Magic
PreCure Super Stars! Film Sold Record-Breaking 60,000 Advance Tickets in Just Two Days
Miyuki Sawashiro Sings ED for “Lupin the Third Part 5” TV Anime
“Gurren Lagann” and “Naruto” Stars Join “Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS”
Tatsunoko Pro and CharaBiz Team Up for “Science Ninnya Team Gatchanyan” Project
“Kaiji” Spin-Off “The Chronicles of Middle Manager Tonegawa” Gets TV Anime
Banana Fish Anime Reveals Cast, More Staff, 1st Promo Video, Modern-Day Setting
Dagashi Kashi Creator Already Drafted Manga’s Finale
“Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan” Manga 8th Episode to be Published on February 26
Thermae Romae Returns as PC Browser Game on February 15
“Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms” Trailer Explores the New Corruption Feature
“Street Fighter V: AE” Throws Blanka into the Mix on February 20
“Maple Story” Kicks Off “Evangelion” Crossover Event on February 28
“Kingdom Hearts” Player Hits Level 100 in the Very First Area

Release news:

Aniplex Invests in Australia’s Madman Anime Distribution Company
Maiden Japan Licenses A Spirit of The Sun TV Anime Special
How Do You Take Your Anime? Discotek Wants Your Vote
Funimation Announces Re:Zero Home Video Release
Funimation Releases
Sentai Releases
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Random Merch news:

Singers Show Their Moon Pride in “Sailor Moon” Tribute Album
Jigglypuff GameCube Controller Is Wonderfully Horrifying
New “Pop Team Epic” Lottery Is Garbage (According to Them)
Fanservice Mousepads! Now With Fashion Accessories!
Saint Seiya Underwear
Show off Angelic Style with “Panty & Stocking” Souvenir Jacket
Wear Your Survey Corps Love with “Attack on Titan” Accessories
“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Rolls Out Pretty Goods for Grown-Up Fans
Try on “Fate/stay night[Heaven’s Feel]” Collaboration Glasses Inspired by Sakura and Rin
Set Your Watch to the Evangelion Bullet Train
Smile, Sweet, Sister, Snooze Button — A New “Blend S” Alarm App
Sanrio Launches New Store with “Fate/GO” and “SHOW BY ROCK!!” Cuteness
Get in LINE for Tenth Anniversary “Gundam 00” Stamps
Bandai’s “Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water” N- Nautilus Display Model Previewed in Video
GENCO Previews Super Sonico and Kin-iro Mosaic Karen Figures for Wonder Festival 2018
Girls und Panzer Anchovy Shows Off Her Cuteness as Kotobukiya’s COCO’S Uniform Figure
Nero Achieves Idol Status in New “Fate” Figure
Megahouse Reveals WarGreymon from Its Newly-Launched Precious G.E.M. Figure Line
Good Smile Company Unveils The 900th Nendoroid “Dr.SLUMP” Arale Norimaki
DragonBall ‘legos’
Winter Wonder Festival 2018 – Top 10 Announcements
Check Out Gen Hoshino’s New Cheery Dance-Featured “Doraemon” Film Theme Song MV
Cheesecake from “Cardcaptor Sakura” Has An Unusual Ingredient That Gives Huge Flavor
Tentacle Grape
“Dragon Ball Z” Collaboration CM Introduces Bulma Newly Voiced by Aya Hisakawa

Misc news:

Finally a South African Anime Store!!
You can Join TV Anime “Tadakun wa Koi wo Shinai” as Part-Time Voice Actor
Fan Criticizes Hakyū Hōshin Engi Anime, Starts Petition Asking for Staff Explanation
Twitter User Aims for 20k Retweets to Get a Flight to the Anime Awards
Rumiko Takahashi, Ranma Cast Slide up to Themed Cafe
Japan Aims to Extend Copyright Until 70 Years After Author’s Passing
Crunchyroll’s Royalty Payments to Anime Industry Have Surpassed US$100 Million
Recovery of an MMO Junkie Director Causes Controversy With Anti-Semitic Tweets

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