When visitors leave comments on the site, the enigmatic forces at play collect the data shown in the comments form, along with the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string. This information is skillfully used to combat spam and maintain the harmony of our digital realm.

If you choose to use Gravatar, be prepared for the mystical powers to analyze an anonymized string (hash) derived from your email address, all in the quest to unveil your presence. The secrets of the Gravatar service privacy policy can be unlocked here. Once your comment receives approval, your profile picture materializes before the public eye, magically aligning with your comment.


When you upload images to the website, exercise caution and conceal any location data (EXIF GPS) embedded within. Restless visitors wandering through our digital landscape have the ability to extract and decipher this hidden knowledge.


Should you decide to grace us with a comment, you may find solace in the convenience of our cookies. These enchanting treats save your name, email address, and website, ensuring you don’t have to cast the same spell repeatedly when leaving subsequent comments. These cookies possess an enduring magic that lasts for one year.

As you approach our login page, prepare yourself for a momentary encounter with a transitory cookie. Its purpose is to determine if your browser is open to accepting cookies. Fear not, for this cookie contains no personal data and vanishes when you close your browser.

Upon entering our realm with your sacred login, a series of cookies shall be bestowed upon you. These ethereal cookies safeguard your login information and your screen display choices. Login cookies maintain their enchantment for two days, while the cookies of screen options extend their magic for a year. By selecting the “Remember Me” option, your login shall endure for two weeks. But heed this warning: should you willingly depart from your account, the login cookies will be banished.

Should you venture to edit or publish an article, an additional cookie shall manifest within your browser. This cookie, free of personal data, merely indicates the post ID of the article you have recently edited. Its presence shall fade away after one day, as swiftly as it appeared.

Marketing Campaigns

As mysterious wielders of data, we reserve the right to utilize the voluntarily given information to shape captivating marketing campaigns. Your enigmatic data may contribute to the creation of lookalike audiences or be used in other undisclosed ways to enhance our mystical endeavors within the boundaries of what is deemed legal. Embrace the intrigue, for the secrets lie hidden within the realm of possibility.

Embedded content from other websites

Within this enigmatic realm, our articles may contain embedded content from other websites. These mystical artifacts, whether they be videos, images, or articles, behave as if you have traversed into the depths of the other website.

These external entities possess the ability to gather insights into your journey, employing cookies and third-party tracking, even as they monitor your interaction with their embedded content. Should you possess an account and be immersed within their world, your interactions shall not escape their watchful gaze.

Who we share your data with

During the sacred act of resetting your password, your IP address shall accompany you in the reset email, safeguarding your path to rebirth.

How long we retain your data

In this realm, when you leave a comment, the comment and its mysterious metadata shall remain eternally. Our enigmatic powers shall recognize and approve subsequent comments with ease, eliminating the need for them to languish in a moderation queue.

For the select few who register on our website, their personal information shall find refuge within their user profile. These chosen ones hold the ability to perceive, manipulate, or obliterate their personal information at will (except for their elusive username). The guardians of this realm, known as website administrators, shall also possess insight into and control over this cryptic knowledge.

What rights you have over your data

As an esteemed visitor of our enigmatic realm, you possess certain rights over your data. Should you hold an account on this site or have bestowed upon us your enigmatic comments, you retain the power to request an exported file of the personal data we hold about you. This includes any data you have willingly shared with us. Furthermore, you possess the ability to request the erasure of any personal data we have chosen to keep. However, be aware that this mystical act does not extend to data we are bound to preserve for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where we send your data

The cryptic comments you leave within our realm may undergo scrutiny from an automated spam detection service. These ethereal guardians shall discern the authenticity of your words, ensuring the purity of our digital landscape remains untarnished.